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  • Over 25 million Americans (and counting) have genital herpes
    • If you do the math at 16.2% of Americans ages 14 to 49 having herpes (CDC) and multiply that by how many people are in the US (around 311 million according to the latest US census, of which 49.2% are ages 14-49), the number of Americans with genital herpes is around 25 million. There are 776,000+ new herpes cases yearly (that’s 2,000+ new herpes cases daily).
  • Genital herpes (HSV2) prevalence varies with sex and race
    • HSV-2 prevalence is nearly twice as high among women (20.9%) than men (11.5%), and is more than three times higher among blacks (39.2%) than whites (12.3%).  The most affected group is black women, with a prevalence rate of 48%.
  • CDC estimates that over 80% of those with HSV-2 (genital herpes) are unaware of their infection.
  • There are two forms of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Oral herpes (cold sores, HSV1) and genital herpes (HSV2).
    • 80% of Americans have the oral version of herpes, which doesn’t carry the stigma of genital herpes
  • Herpes is the secondmost common STD in America behind genital warts (HPV)
  • Herpes can only be transmitted via direct contact in a warm and moist environment (mostly on genitals and/or mouth)
    • Herpes is transmitted only when the contagious area of the skin comes in direct contact with the mucous membrane or crack in the surface of the skin.

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