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There is a sad lack of consolidated information at a glance that you need to know about having herpes. Here are the handouts you’ve been looking for …

Herpes diagnosis fact sheet.

All of the facts and figures you’re going to want to know when first getting diagnosed with herpes. (Right-click and “Download as …”)






Herpes disclosure cheat sheet.

Find out all the information that any potential partner will want to know about the risks of getting herpes. (Right-click and “Download as …”)


I hope these handouts are helpful in dispelling all those myths about herpes and help you live the happy life you deserve.


Free e-book: How to have “The herpes talk”

Download it instantly for free!


Audio: “How to never feel rejected”

Listen now!


The Herpes Opportunity podcast

Listen to the podcast now »


“Be contagious” poster


Local in-person support groups?



Trusted places for herpes information.

Here are some great herpes websites to get more information from:

Call either of these free hotlines to speak with a live knowledgeable operator (Herpes Opportunity isn’t connected with any):

  • (919) 361-8488 (M-F, 9a-7p EST)
  • (206) 344-2539 (MWF 6:30-9p EST)

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