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Experience your life in
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From self-care to dating to how to have "the talk" to having sex ...

learn how to get over herpes and into your awesome life.

Step-by-step private audio coaching walks you through how to handle the biggest and most common challenges of living with herpes to support a more accepting & resilient you.

You don’t have to figure all of this out alone.

Learn how to manage this important part of your life with confidence & grace.

What are the Opportunity Lifestyle Guides?


The Opportunity Lifestyle Guides give you guidance, solutions and proven perspectives to help you get over the biggest emotional and practical problems that having herpes creates. These guides are available entirely as an online course so you can discreetly access them from any computer or mobile device in your own private time and space.

by Adrial Dale

creator of H Opportunity

100% moneyback guarantee

Self-paced coaching program teaches you how to clear shame and enjoy a beautiful life

Support yourself and the mission of Herpes Opportunity

Discreet billing (billed as “HOPP”)

25+ hours of revealing bonus interviews with sex, dating & communication experts

Private & convenient online access from your own computer or mobile device. (You won't be mailed anything.)

There are 4 Opportunity Lifestyle Guides in total, each with a different focus:





60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee


You can try all of the Lifestyle Guides before you decide to keep them. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within 60 days, just let me know, and I’ll refund all of your money. No questions asked.

25+ hours of inspiring interview videos

In these honest and candid interviews, we talk to sex, relationship and communication experts to uncover some surprising truths about the reality of living with herpes. We also talk to people with herpes about their challenges and their transformations. We go behind the scenes and see what really happens in disclosure conversations. We talk with people who have had some amazing successes as well as difficult learning experiences.


These personal and revealing interviews shine a whole new light on herpes as it relates to your self image, your relationships and your life. We peel back the layers of stigma and shame to uncover what’s really going on within culture and within your own personal psychology.


Most people have no frame of reference for how to live with herpes. The vast majority of people with herpes feel like they have to face it alone. This is your opportunity to wake up from the nightmare of stigma to discover what’s really possible, from real people, just like you. Never before has this delicate topic been articulated in such a bold and refreshing new perspective.



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