The New Man Podcast interviewed me about the Herpes Opportunity. We had a blast! The underlying question is: Why do we allow herpes to have so much power in our lives? What are we really afraid of? Thanks for the interview, Tripp!

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Here are URLs from the show for quick reference:

  • New Man Podcast with host Tripp Lanier
  • Herpes Opportunity — It’s not about herpes. It’s about you living fully. Get more information on the e-book and upcoming webinar, plus other herpes-related information.
  • Herpes Life Coaching — If you are someone struggling with herpes, recognize two things: 1) You are not alone and 2) Herpes is what you make it, including an opportunity to go deeper into trust, authenticity and integrity.
  • Herpes Podcast — Listen to the audio podcast on iTunes.
  • Brene Brown video on shame — I break down the talk for the high points. FYI, you can skip to around the 3-minute mark for the meat of her talk.
  • The Red Pill Weekend — A weekend seminar for men that is simply miraculous. Period. It wakes you up to your life.

For immediate clinical-related questions about herpes, here are some great help lines talk with an knowledgeable operator live. Here is the info for those:
(919) 361-8488 (M-F, 9a-7p EST)
(206) 344-2539 (MWF 6:30-9p EST)
or visit ASHA’s website

And please contact me directly to talk about any of this stuff. I love talking to people about this.
(That means you, too.) Talk soon!