Michelle Landry talks about living with herpes in this interview on the Tyra Banks show. Her confidence in herself and not allowing the herpes virus to overshadow her value is beautiful to see. What if the whole herpes community could treat herpes for really what it is? A simple, manageable virus? Thank you, Michelle, for your bravery in being so public about it and spreading the positive message instead of the virus.

P.S. I love that they speak to the irony of herpes disclosure. Yes, if you disclose, it may end the relationship since it’s bringing light to to existence of herpes, but here’s my take: disclosing itself is a beautiful representation of your own personal values: authenticity, trust, love, transparency, strength. So many people out there know they have herpes yet don’t tell because of fear of rejection. When you tell, you show your true colors. And yes, it still may end the relationship, but if the person sees you more deeply for who you are, if the relationship continues, it continues from a deeper and more respectful place.

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