Guest author from our community: Beckie

I have had a quantum shift since finding Adrial a few short weeks ago via his Herpes Opportunity interview on The New Man podcast. Like, we’re talking “skies-parting-angels-singing-miracle” shift here. Finding and listening to that podcast was surreal. I was blown away with Adrial’s courage to face his herpes diagnosis head-on, and then, to turn around and do something transformative with it. He did something unfathomable to me given the level of shame I’ve carried regarding having herpes for over 5 years. I’ve been able to shift a lot of things in my life through diligent inner spiritual work, but not this. Not this deep, dark secret named herpes. I didn’t have a template, a mirror, the way. Until now.

“I’m not over-exaggerating when I say I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.”

What Adrial and Beckie talk about in the video:

  • Why recording this video is such a huge step for Beckie’s herpes healing process
  • Her touching story behind why getting herpes was so difficult for her
  • What seeming “corny cliché” was the secret to Beckie’s transformation
  • Why being open to the possibility of being lovable is the first step to healing
  • How herpes is like a magnifying glass
  • How the fear of “people might find out” is actually holding us back from living fully
  • How Beckie cured her herpes shame in 2 months after seemingly trying everything else first
  • The “snake-in-a-dark room” analogy and how it “sheds some light” on herpes

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Finding Adrial and eventually having a Skype coaching session with him provided me with the missing puzzle piece. And specific to my situation was the fact that I hadn’t yet had the herpes talk to a man other than the guy I was in a relationship with during my first herpes outbreak. After that long-term relationship ended, I went into shutdown mode. I told myself I was open to finding love again, but I really wasn’t. It’s taken me three years of intensive inner work to remove all the blocks I had to love, but I’m finally open again — sexually and in all other ways. I’ve finally gotten to that place of empowerment within myself to attract the guy I really deserve to be with. I would have been settling if I’d gotten into a relationship before now … the shame would have caused me to settle.

Disclosing to Adrial was extremely powerful. He was able to receive me with love, compassion, non-judgment and empathy. Something profound shifted after this. I’d finally experienced a template of a man who could hold and honour this part of me. What that’s done is raise the bar as to the type of man I’m going to attract because I’m not going to settle for less than this now.

Not only that, but becoming part of the Herpes Opportunity community and meeting other empowered people on the herpes community forum has helped me squash the perceived mountain that herpes represented in my life. In a very short amount of time, I’ve taken back the power that I’d given to herpes, and for the first time in my life, I know I can do anything.

I’m not over-exaggerating when I say I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

Already I’m having beautiful new people and opportunities coming into my life. It’s like conquering this has opened the floodgates to my highest potential, what I’m truly capable of creating. For anyone reading this debating about whether or not to take that next step and book a session with Adrial, do yourself a favour and book it. You will no doubt benefit from it, but if you’re ready for it, it could be the life-changing shift you’ve been seeking. Much love to you all!

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