Just like eating unhealthy foods will make your body unhealthy, thinking negative things about herpes will make them true in your life. Words have power. Telling yourself horrible things about herpes is like hunkering down in front of the TV and eating Twinkies with gravy on top: It makes you gain weight in your conscience. It’s no good for you to weigh down your mind like that; you’re just not going to feel good about yourself — short term or long term.

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So consume healthy thoughts  that reinforce the truth about herpes instead of the myths: it’s a common condition (20-25% of people have genital herpes; 80% of people have oral herpes/fever blisters/cold sores), you only have to deal with it once in a while, and other people might even be more understanding about it than you might be with yourself. Be strong in who you truly are and herpes will cease to define you.