Are you ready to drastically shift your relationship to herpes and yourself for the better? Drop your shame, be accepted, move into the life you want.

I’m excited and honored to announce the upcoming in-person weekend seminar in Raleigh, NC, all about breaking the shame of herpes and moving into self-acceptance and connection. So many people believe that herpes is a dead end, but this weekend will be all about proving that dead wrong. There is no physical herpes cure, but there IS a psychological one: feeling better about yourself and your life lies in how you perceive yourself and your life. It’s going to be a super inspiring three (3) days filled with support, love, compassion, vulnerability, fun, friendship, growth and transformation. Sound good? I’d love to have you there! Have any questions? Visit the link below or private message me for anything else! Looking forward to an amazing weekend with you all!
(email me directly at hello[[at]] about payment plans, scholarships)

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