Sometimes it’s hard to find herpes facts from reputable, trusted sources. When first diagnosed with the news, it’s a mad scramble all across the internet to find any sort of useful information that tells you that you’re okay or that normalizes herpes for you.

Here is a compilation of herpes information from trusted sources:
Genital herpes in the news ยป

For example, did you know …

  • There’s a positive side to having herpes: Latent herpes virus infections may keep the immune system on alert, and thus better able to deal with other infectious agents (source: Scientific American)
  • Genital herpes is not a big deal” (Dan Savage, Savage Love podcast)
  • Why DNA vaccines may offer a solution to a herpes simplex (HSV) vaccine (source: Australian Life)
  • Symptom-free herpes is contagious 10% of the time (also called “viral shedding“) (source: CNN)
  • The government is cracking down on fake STD treatments/scams, including a herpes cure (source: WebMD)
  • Mononucleosis (also known as “mono” or “the kissing disease”) is in the herpes family (source: Livestrong)
  • A gel could help lessen the chance of getting herpes (source: BET)

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