I just finished recording a fun Skype session with Ashley (a sexuality educator and clinician) about everything herpes. Some of the topics covered include …

  • Debunking some myths about herpes (getting herpes facts!)
  • How to shift away from shame and blame and into self-acceptance
  • Enjoying sex just as much (or more than before) with your herpes-free partner while still protecting them
  • Having the herpes talk
  • Using a herpes outbreak as an opportunity to actually have more passion and intimacy in the bedroom
  • How to have AMAZING SEX (yes, even with herpes!)
  • The importance of a supportive herpes community in the herpes healing process
  • Ashley’s process of getting herpes through sexual assault
  • The false beliefs around not feeling worthy, being unlovable with herpes
  • How to combat the herpes stigma

Ashley Manta is a feminist sexuality educator, certified consulting hypnotist, and sex-positive pleasure advocate. She has given presentations on topics including sexual violence awareness, positive body image, and sexual empowerment. She is available for a variety of  workshops which you can find on her website or you can follow her on Twitter @ashleymanta.

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