With so much stigma out there around herpes, there’s bound to be some misinformation as well. Here are some myths that are floating around out there accompanied by their truths to set the record straight.

  • Myth: I can get herpes from _________ (toilet seats/towels/drinking after someone else)
    • Truth: Herpes can ONLY be spread via skin-to-skin contact. The virus cannot exist beyond our bodies.
  • Myth: “I just had my first genital herpes occurrence. I’ve been faithful to my partner. My partner must have┬ácheated on me.”
    • Truth: There is no way to know for sure. Herpes can lie dormant for any amount of time and can be passed to others whether or not the person ever has an occurrence of herpes.
  • Myth (women): “Now I can’t have children.”
    • Truth: The only possibility of passing herpes to your baby is if herpes is physically present on your genitalia during childbirth. If that happens to occur, you can have a Caesarean section. Since herpes is transmitted through the skin and not through the blood, your baby will be herpes-free if it doesn’t come into contact with the infected area of the skin.
  • Myth: “My sex life is over.”
    • Truth: Your sex life as you have known it will change, yes. But don’t assume it will change for the worse. Having herpes might just change your perception of sex and intimacy for the better if you’re open to it, even if your partner doesn’t have herpes.
  • Myth: A cure for herpes is right around the corner.
    • Truth: There have been many seemingly promising cures and vaccines touted over the years, but none (so far) have come close to passing our stringent medical testing procedures. So, putting your life on hold until a cure is found might just be wasting valuable time for you to live right now.

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