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3 Months since first OB - itchiness/shivering during period

Hey! Fairly new to herpes so still figuring out what is going on with my body, and looking for any advice.

So since my first OB 3 months ago (I have genital HSV1 mainly around my anus) I have had a pretty much constant itch/tingle which seems to be getting better with time, however I'm on my period at the moment and the itching has gotten more intense, I can see some red irritation down there and I also had the shivers today at work (I was shaking really bad during my first OB like hot cold sweats).

I haven't had an actual blister since my initial OB but just itching, some redness and then some flu like shivers which pass pretty quick. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms or gets worse symptoms around their period?

I have also noticed that since my first OB my skin down there is really really sensitive, and I think maybe shaving has caused the irritation this time around. But in general the skin is super sensitive down there, for example if a long head hair end ups tangled down there after a shower (long haired ladies you get me right lol!) it will cause crazy itching until I remove it.

Anyone else have similar experiences or have any advice at all?

I'm kinda prepared to ride this out for a year and hoping for the best that my body will calm down soon, and I won't have to have an itchy butt forever....ha!

P.S Thanks in advance for your answers - this forum has helped me a lot in dealing with my diagnosis :)


  • Your post cracks me up. I have no idea if what you are experiencing is herpes related or not but it's possible since your herpes diagnosis your genitals are always on your mind and therefore you notice every tiny itch, bump, tickle, etc. I know I've looked at my vulva more in the last two months than I have in my entire life. Every little twinge or itch I'm taking a peek to see if I'm getting a second out break. It's been two months since my initial symptoms and I'm constantly wondering if/when another out break will occur and what it will look like.
  • Username said:

    Your post cracks me up. I have no idea if what you are experiencing is herpes related or not but it's possible since your herpes diagnosis your genitals are always on your mind and therefore you notice every tiny itch, bump, tickle, etc. I know I've looked at my vulva more in the last two months than I have in my entire life. Every little twinge or itch I'm taking a peek to see if I'm getting a second out break. It's been two months since my initial symptoms and I'm constantly wondering if/when another out break will occur and what it will look like.

    I know right! I've never looked at my lady parts so much in my whole life. You're right that every twinge/itch makes me think it's an outbreak as herpes is on my mind a lot.

    I know that the itchiness I'm feeling now is herpes related though, and today I can see red bumps forming...so looking like a second OB. I don't have any antivirals either as the doctors here in the UK don't tend to prescribe it. Such fun...
  • edited February 14
    I understand. I had my first single lesion outbreak in early November. I've not had more than 10 or so days where I was not uncomfortable one way or another. Mine is so far only on my vagina. One lesion outside. Then it came back to same area. Then I have another short break from it all and then I start to itch and tickle inside and slowly it creeps to around the entrance. Never notice any sores - but this continues for 2 months. (tested for yeast and vaginosis- negative) I have a couple moments where I'm like, I feel kinda ok so I get off. A week later, I'm still not well, but in the mood, I get off. No insertion of course!
    Needless to say, the rubbing of my finger caused a massive white tiny sore outbreak like mold up my clitoral hood and surrounding flesh.... guarantee I'll not be indulging again any time soon. Not cool.

    It's weird for me how it creeps around. As I don't have those same issues inside anymore - only the new BO. Creepy virus.

    However, it's bothersome this sensitivity you speak of and I am too hoping it dissipates. As it's one thing to have herpes and another to not even have an orgasm without activating it! I wonder if I'll ever wear pretty g-strings again.... and be comfortable. Can't fathom sex - if my finger twice did this? Yikes.

    Even worse, I've been on drugs for it the whole time. SO... going to try a new drug or maybe I will just have to ride it out. That all said, when time is better and I feel better about all this noise, there are clinics to go to for trials. Great resources for knowledge too. And some pay. Because this is BS to have to change my entire sexual, bathing, clothing, orgasming, (trying dietary changes now) habits for soon to be 4 months!

    OH, and I only had chills and prodrome aches the first two BO- which for me thus far were the most mild. 3 and 4 are bitches!
  • edited February 14
    Good luck! Keep me posted and let me know how it compares to your first out break. From everything I've read subsequent out breaks aren't as bad as the first. I don't know if I have 1 or 2 but 1 is suppose to recur less. I had my first out break mid December so I'm on month 2. If it's HSV2 I expect another out break within a month. If it's HSV1 not quit so soon. My first out break wasn't terrible, way more psychologically hard than physically, so I'm hoping future ones will be easy to deal with. I have a refill for antivirals in case I need them in the future but I think I'm just going to ride it out if an out break occurs and see how my body handles it on its own.
  • @Sunset Based on my experience so far and what I've heard from others, the first few months your body kind of freaks out and skin is really sensitive while your system gets used to the virus and building up the antibodies. I'm pretty sure my shaving has caused this OB due to irritating the sensitive skin. So you have probably also just irritated it and caused a small OB...I guess we will have to give it a bit longer to calm down. I'm feeling positive though that this will get better, and once it does we can appreciate not feeling uncomfortable all the time!

    @Username Today the OB seems to have calmed down a bit, still some red rash and I can see that I have some bumpy skin but no blisters and no worse than yesterday, but actually a bit of improvement. Saying that, I did go to the gym yesterday and that may have caused it to flare up a bit, whereas today I've got back from work and collapsed into bed (bliss!). I have also heard that HSV2 reccurs more often, but I think it really depends person to person, and generally in the first year of having either HSV type you will likely have multiple OBs. Also totally agree that the psychological effects of HSV are worse than the physical...my first OB wasn't pleasant but it wasn't awful, but in my head it's been tough. It has however shown me how tough I am, and I'm kind of approaching everything with a bit more of a "fuckit let's do this" attitude which is working well for me so far haha!

    Also, I don't know whether I'm finding it depressing or hilarious that I'm sat in bed alone on Valentines day ordering myself a bulk supply of herpes meds LOL #whatismylife

  • Also, I don't know whether I'm finding it depressing or hilarious that I'm sat in bed alone on Valentines day ordering myself a bulk supply of herpes meds LOL #whatismylife

    Lol! This cracks me up. I worked all day for Valentine's Day. I'm sure you'll have the chance for lots of romantic Valentine's Days in the future.
  • BlueBerry08 - what's even more hilarious is that I too ordered new antivirals yesterday and got into it with docs on delay on getting back with me on options.
    Happy Valetines to Us! lol....

    And I agree - time. Just 4 months in and on drugs... just tired of this discomfort and missing my once almost daily O's!
  • Sunset said:

    BlueBerry08 - what's even more hilarious is that I too ordered new antivirals yesterday and got into it with docs on delay on getting back with me on options.
    Happy Valetines to Us! lol....

    And I agree - time. Just 4 months in and on drugs... just tired of this discomfort and missing my once almost daily O's!

    Yup I get it - 3 months down and I'm still tingling most of the time and then feeling itchy and unwell every so often as well. The doc made it sound like I'd have one OB, then would be back to my old self right after with no symptoms...

    Time, patience and self care is the way forward! Keep us posted on how you get on :)
  • It's so sad, but feels good to know I'm / You are not alone with regard to fun Valtentine's day activities!
    Take care - fingers crossed Valtrex starts working for me.... tra la fucking la! ;)
  • So glad you shared this because I have been itching for almost one month straight @BlueBerry08 (argh!). When I was begun suppressive medication with 400mg of acyclovir twice a day, I had two months of bliss and then last month (with exams and the stress that comes with it) I got a serious outbreak and the itchiness hasn't gone since then. Like you, it becomes milder and milder but there is redness and sometimes one or two blisters. When the skin has healed, two days later, I begin to itch again. It has been like this for a month straight smh. One time I was riding my bicycle and my lady parts begun itching. I was literally bouncing on my seat (hahahah smh). I am thinking of going to see my doctor to discuss options of switching medication. Please let us know if you notice any improvements while on Valtrex @Sunset.

  • @Sandra and all you other lovely ladies!
    On Valtrex 3x per day 500 mg. Will do this for 7 days then go to 2x per day as suppressive. I started Valtrex a good week after my latest BO (the weirdo moldy type one that just sort of spread a white color and only a one actual lesion. The moldy white is not as painful, but just itchy and burning. SO, here into my 6th day and I'm feeling and looking kinda normal!?! I can't help but look - I prefer knowledge as I want to know what it looks like when I feel shit. But that's me.
    Little bit of itch here and there, so fingers crossed.
    One upsetting part was until I told my new PC doc what the last 4 months had been like in detail - She Didn't Get It! I'm like you wonder why I'm unhappy - try having your pussy on fire and not be able to wear clothes or sit or do much of anything without pain and knowing the disease is blistering your vagina. She sort of stared at me and was like, wow, that is bad. Fucking Duh! Add in my lethal autoimmune diagnosis in Jan - duh hello of course I'm not happy.

    However - just gotta NEVER delay getting to docs, making sure they listen and take care of our needs and Never Ever just saying, not sure what I have - find out and be proactive in healing and not spreading. And If doc not good enough, move on. I will still go to clinics for trials when I have more time and settle in just due to how HsV can be a very dangerous disease for me down the road.

    Question: how long do you feel good before you try to have an O? I'm afraid to rub or touch (toilet paper now kinda ok, damn time lol). It is just so wrong to go without for so long. I love a good orgasm and miss them even if I've been on my own for going on a year.... yep and still HsV showed up in January after testing negative end of last year. Wild.
    So - curious how y'all break your girls back in IF you've been having a long term BO issue that just seems to move around as it sees fit.

    You all rock
    And for the record - I totally support HPV vaccine as HPV is a deadly virus to my body and I'd readily take my chances to avoid it EVER infecting me and riding on HsV2 and compromised immune system to allow it easier entry into my cells, but to each their own and that's cool.
  • I rang in the New Year with a HSV-2 diagnosis so I am new here but hoping to have some suggestions. I have not had a period since my diagnosis, I am on hormone replacement therapy. That stops my period. Five years ago, I had major surgery to repair damage to my lady parts. After my surgery I became very sensitive to pads and personal products. Actually the more expensive products that contained special moisture absorbers caused most of my irritation. I think it is actually pretty common because as soon as I mentioned it to my gyn he said I was allergic to the pads. I stopped using the expensive name brand pads and switched to the Equate cheap pads and problem solved!!

    As for grooming, I had laser hair removal 15 years ago. Best money I ever spent. I don't know how HSV would play into it, it could possibly trigger an OB. You would have to talk to the laser technician about that. Laser works best on dark hair and light skin. I left a landing strip, planned on landing quite a few, but didn't work out quite that way. Spent 9 years celibate raising my daughter. Anyway grooming my strip I use scissors over comb. I trim short and the comb keeps me from cutting my lady bits. Also a good pair of hair scissors cut clean and don't leave prickly hairs. Hope this helps!! Love your thread! Good to have humor to get through this!!
  • Thanks everyone for your comments and stories on this thread!

    My irritation since posting this thread hasn't really gone away, so this is definitely the worst OB I've had since the initial. I'm feeling kind of run down as well itching/red skin, but no blisters.

    Managed to get a private prescription for a 3 month supply of Aciclovir which I was going to use only when having a bad OB, but I think I'm going to try taking it for the full 3 months and see if it helps relieve the constant itch/I can't afford to be feeling ill like this too often...feeling sorry for myself today haha.

    @PresentMoment I had been thinking about laser before my diagnosis, now I wish I had! I can't seem to win at the moment with shaving...If I shave it irritates the skin, but if I don't the hairs also irritate my skin as it's so sensitive right now. Laser might be something I look into in the future once my symptoms calm down. How are your symptoms since being diagnosed?

  • I have only had the one primary OB. It was horrible! I had open sores inside & out. My OB was 12/28-1/8. I went to my gyn on 1/3/18, she put me on Valacyclovir 500mg (generic Valtrex.)
    She had me take 4 tablets daily for a minimum of 4 days. She said this is the protocol I should follow when I feel an outbreak coming on. The rest of the time I am to take one 500mg tablet daily for viral suppression. Which is what I am doing.
    I am also taking 1000mg Lysine daily as well as Zinc and various vitamins. I am following a herpes suppression diet, which was very close to what I ate before. I have had to give up nuts & dried cranberries, which I loved so much on my salads. I still have coffee, a lot of coffee!! Sugar is a big problem in the American diet, sugar causes inflammation. It is toxic!!! I have a family history of diabetes, I knew this was something I needed to give up, so easy to do! This is very important!! Cut the sugar!! I have avoided chocolate, unless it is really good chocolate, I will allow myself that. If I am going to splurge it must be the best of the best.
    Physically I have been great, emotionally, I have struggled. I think I have turned a corner with the anger and hopefully move forward from here.
    Hope this helps!! Please let me know if you would like more information on diet, etc! With being diagnosed HSV-1, hopefully you will get past this first OB and not have another for a long time!!

  • @PresentMoment My primary OB was pretty nasty too - I got the flu sweats and then after a few itchy days got the full blisters. All healed in about 2 weeks but since I've just been itchy pretty much all the time, with red sore skin down there. Mine isn't in or around my vagina, just around my anus (I reckon I had a slight shaving cut round that area which let the HSV get in and run riot - my theory anyway).

    I'm also taking 2000mg lysine per day, and I also take vitamin D3 and zinc. My diet is healthy and has been diary free/refined sugar free 95% of the time for the last 5 years or so, and I rarely get ill either since eating this way which is why im surprised my body has had such a reaction to HSV.

    I'm generally feeling run down/fluey and headachey this week which I think is a combo of work stress and HSV stress (I managed to get upset the other day overthinking everything, and worrying that I will be itchy and contagious all the time forever). I've been good at managing this though and it's not the end of the world - I just want to not be itchy and feel normal again!

    Any diet tips would be great as well, I have been doing some research and even though I eat healthy I think some of my foods are potential triggers (I love dark chocolate, coffee, soy milk, chickpeas/beans).

    Hope you are feeling better and not so angry now either - it sucks to know someone may have given it to you without disclosing it, but at least we can be safe and sensible partners now and help educate others out there that this is such a common virus.
  • @BlueBerry08 HEY GIRL! hope you're doing better! I also have hsv1 on my genitals and have similar problems around my time of month. During the 1st year after my diagnosis I had an OB with EVERY PERIOD. UGH. It was really hard especially because moisture can trigger OBs, so because I was having irritations consistently I've been taking 500mgs of Apo-Valacyclovir everyday for the last two and a half years or so. Its reeeaaally made a positive difference. Lately I've started skipping days and taking it more regularly the week or so before I expect my period which has worked for me thus far. It definitely gets better with time and you learn how to best help your body during your period and other stressful times as well. For me, I try to keep my Nether Regions as dry as possible during my period, I like to wear pads (which obviously get wet super quickly) so I usually apply a drying agent like witch hazel on any lesions, then i cover them with Zincofax (a diaper rash cream). For the moisture on the pad I put baby powder EVERYWHERE, on me, on the pad, it really helps to absorb some of the moisture. This routine has worked for me, hope it'll help you too!
  • I have googled the foods to eat for Herpes Diet. If I am in doubt, I look it up.
    Sounds like your diet is right on track!! I have had some bread. I like really grainy breads, so just one slice toasted in the morning. Most often avocado toast, maybe with sprouts or an egg. I have avoided all white breads. I do eat plain Greek yogurt everyday. Being dairy free, that is not an option for you. Do you take a probiotic? There are many probiotics- acidophilus is the best for female genital health. This might help your itching. Your PH might be off, which could be causing the itching.

    To replace nuts as a snack item, I food prep small baggies of fresh raw vegetables. I food prep all lunches for the week and often prep chicken, salmon etc to have for dinners for a few days. Being single it is too tempting to pick up to go after a long day at work. I have replaced some of my grain and carb foods with chopped kale. I love curry chicken- so instead of serving on rice, I keep a container of washed, chopped kale. I use it for salads and a replacement for rice or pasta.
    I also got my sprouting jar back out. Growing alfalfa sprouts. A poached egg on sprouts in the morning is so yummy!! I have read several articles on sprouts- from my understanding, they are really good for you when you don't have an OB but should be avoided while having an OB. I need to research this further. I will update.

    I was taking a higher dose of lysine, but it was causing constipation. I think the extra lysine helps counteract the arginine in the foods we eat. The other great thing about lysine is it promotes collagen production, so an anti-aging benefit as well!! Wish I had known that sooner!!
  • @UnexpectedSunshine97 Thanks for your post! I have been taking Aciclovir for almost two weeks but so far not much relief from the itching - how long did it take for you to start feeling some relief?

    @PresentMoment Thanks for the diet advice - To be honest my bad itching started when I posted this and I had had some wine on a couple of nights out (about 2 glasses on each outing) and I also drink about two coffees per day which I think probably made things worse, so I've totally cut out coffee this past week and won't be drinking alcohol anytime soon either to see if that helps.

    The itching has been getting me down the past couple of weeks as I'm finding it hard to imagine it ever going away, it's been almost 4 months of irritation now with very slow progress of getting any better. I took thrush medicine earlier this week to see if that would help, but I don't think it has, so I'm going to the clinic again next week to ask for tests for other bacterial/fungal infections. I'm wondering if I could have caught another bacterial infection such as strep down there, as I caught HSV1 via oral sex with someone who had no symptoms and was unaware they had it at all.

    Feeling a bit down at the moment which isn't normal for me as I'm very positive and never give up, and when I was first diagnosed I just got on with my life as normal. But the last 2/3 weeks the herpes has taken over my mind - I'm hoping I can get back to normal self soon!

  • Blueberry08 - I feel your struggle. I'm a shy 4 months in and now taking a diff antiviral, valtrex at 3,000mg a day. High dose per my doc. And I'm hesitantly hopeful as I head into week 2. I plan to continue through Monday and then go to two in AM and 1 each at 8 hour intervals for 7 days, then work down to 3 a day (standard) and then down to two and then hopefully just one... my doc is ok with me being creative on how I medicate since I've had so many issues. Valtrex is different for me for sure and that itchy / burning is starting to go buh bye as I rarely get lesions and so far, never beyond my vagina. Even a standard GYN appt gave me a BO too... boo!

    So, keep at it and we gotta keep our chin up girl.... all in due time we'll be back in the saddle :)
    Keep us posted and today I feel "hope" so I know you got it coming your way soon - just might have to change it up.
  • BlueBerry08 & Sunset - I am so sorry you two are having a difficult time of recovery. I am actually feeling very positive right now. For me, I have my issues then they are gone and I have been just fine!!

    This is actually really crazy, it doesn't seem to be what most people post, I am having amazing orgasims following an OB or irritation. I have only had my primary OB (at the New Year) then this last week some minor irritation, when pain was gone I used my vibrator, (the first time, I didn't even turn it on.) It is like my lady parts are already sexually stimulated, all of my nerve endings are hyper-sensitive, I am having amazing orgasims, almost instantly!! I am avoiding men at this point, as I am in the first three months of infection. I am hopeful those sensations last beyond the 7 days after OB when I actually start having sex again. Can't imagine how amazing sex will be with another person when I am this hyper-sensitive. I would not risk infecting someone by having sex too soon.

    I feel weird, no one else is saying this! Could the H - Opportunity be that I have unbelievable orgasims after an OB?? Hopefully you ladies will experience what I have!!
  • PresentMoment - we all will join you in due time! Enjoy that sensitivity while it lasts hehe.... good on you!
  • @presentmoment, that's fantastic! I bet of that were a common side effect of herpes people would be lining up to get it!
  • Sadly, I found the sensations only last about 3-4 days so I will not be able to share with a partner unless they are HSV+. I'll just have to enjoy solo!! HeeHeeHe
  • Hello again! Just wanted to share an update on here of how things are going with this period OB situation.

    So I'm coming up to 5 months since my first OB, and it looks like things definitely flare up the most just after my period ends (no blisters, just itchy red raised skin around my anus). It's itchy and a bit red all the time but worse as my period ends.

    I took Aciclovir for 3 weeks but stopped about 4 days ago as I saw no improvement and they were making me feel sick and tired (I had severe stomach cramping one night which freaked me out - I lost my vision and could hardly move!). So instead, I'm taking oregano oil once a day with lysine, and topically applying coconut oil mixed with oregano and lemon balm oil. This gives me some relief as it prevents friction irritation but I'll have to give it some time to see if there's any real improvement.

    I actually went to see a Naturopath a couple of days ago, so have been prescribed a bunch of other herbs and vitamins to boost my immune system and gut health, which I'm hoping will help. I'm also planning to get a hormone test to see if there's anything weird going on there that might help explain why irritation happens more when I finish my period (I know I have hormonal imbalances due to irregular periods and acne). Will post an update on how I go with all of that.

    I also wanted to quickly vent as I was a bit taken a back and slightly disheartened during my naturopath appointment. While talking about my symptoms, we came onto the story of how I got HSV1, and my Naturo made a comment about how I'll "never not use condoms again". When I corrected her and said I did use a condom, she looked baffled and asked how could I have contracted HSV1 then? Just goes to show how uneducated even "smart" people can be when it comes to HSV, and to be honest I felt kind of like I was being judged for having it. Just wanted to write that down here as it kind of upset me but hey, that kind of reaction isn't going to be uncommon I guess!

    Hope everyone on this thread is doing well :)
  • @BlueBerry08
    HORMONES - ugh. But it seems pretty common too. As I wrote above, I took very high doses of Valtrex and then slowly weaned myself off when I started to feel more normal. Yes, I didn't like how I felt on high dose, but it worked. I actually had gentle sex a couple weeks ago and so far so good.... got myself off only once... and again, so far so good. But I'm moving forward slowly and carefully. Also on 2x per/day valtrex suppressive.

    Maybe look into immune system support too? I wrote in another post where another person is going on like 3 years of bad OB - what I take to support my immune system in hopes it helps me fight due to my autoimmune disease - that H tends to enjoy... opportunistic fuck H is :)

    Hang in there... and change meds and hit it HARD - it's worth the side effects of getting better. And maybe bulk up a few days prior to period to nip it in the bud. I'm lucky my doc now allows me to do what I need based on how I'm feeling. Less is better but I'll be damned if I'm not very vigilant as the meds are not threatening to my body. Just supportive.
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