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positive guide to herpes disclosure



Feeling Possitive - looking forward to a better future

First I want to thank Adrial for the H Forum!! You are helping me and so many people. You are such a blessing in a negative world!

I rang in the New Year 2018 with a diagnosis of GHSV-2. I am a 50 year old female. I am fierce, stubborn, and very goal oriented - I started my own business when I was 23 years old. Very successful!! Killer business - six figures every year! Married 13 years, divorced 15 years. 9 years ago I stopped dating and devoted myself to my daughter. Focusing on her was the best decision I have ever made in my life!! She is amazing, gorgeous, works 2 jobs and is in college, a STEM major!

After my daughter graduated high school, I thought I would start dating, I didn't. This was the first time in my life I was completely alone. I enjoyed my time to myself. In August of 2017 I started having casual sex with younger men. Basically one per month. I am 50 but look 35. It was my December boyfriend that messed up my life! Or did he fix it???

So the December man, gorgeous, all tatted up, muscular, beautiful! Yes all of that and after I checked him out online, married!! So we had been together twice in December. The second time 12/23. By 12/29, was having my first symptoms of HSV-2.
1/3/18 my appointment with my gynecologist, it was confirmed, I had HSV-2. I was in so much pain.

So this is how I have dealt with this crap!!
1. Ok it's HSV, at least it not HIV!!!
2. I started Valtrex for suppression therapy. I am very healthy and my diet was already close to the diet recommended for herpes suppression.
3. I gave him disclosure via online anonymous disclosure. I hope he didn't sleep that night!!
4. I cut off contact with younger men that wasn't good for me!

Love my life! More than likely, I will never know but this has helped me in the future! Maybe I don't get into the wrong vehicle, maybe I don't fuck the wrong person. I am alive and yes I might have HSV-2, but I am going to be here for a long time!!!


  • Absolutely, thanks so much for this.
  • I am on the emotional roller coaster!!! I felt all of that positive stuff first part of the weekend, then angry, now just sad. Going to head to the gym, hope it helps!!
  • edited February 13
    You're in good company, I've been told that over 50% of single women in your age group gave HSV2.
  • So much to deal with!! I am so mad at myself for how I have dealt with this. Sometimes, I am a rock star! And sometimes I fail. Going to see my daughter this weekend- she is going through her first big break up. Love that girl!! That is why I am supposed to be here!, I feel like I falter- but when I do, she needs me!!! Love those girls!! They need us❤️!
  • When I had my first out break in December one of the things I struggled with was feeling like I let my children down and like I couldn't be a good role model for them. Then one morning a few days after my diagnosis I woke up to getting puked on by my 6 year old. She needed me to care for her and herpes had zero impact on that. As days turned into weeks I realized that HSV is barley even a blip on my life. Enjoy your daughter!
  • Username -Thank you!
    Trying to get back in my routine! Just took my dog for a walk. Feel better!
    Going to watch one of Adrial's videos each night while on the tread climber.
  • Make that barely a blip not barley a blip. Lol.
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