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Found out today that I got the gift of HSV-2. Feeling optimistic though.

Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce my self and my story.

I am a 29 year old student who is just about to graduate from a great university with an electrical engineering degree. I noticed red patch on my groin area about a week ago that flared up and it had a hard spot underneath it. It was the same area that flared up a few months ago. I had a feeling it was an abscess, but I also couldn't shake the feeling it could be something worse like an STD. The reason I felt that way was due to the fact that I have had some seriously risky one night stands with around 8 different people over a 1 year period. It was mostly drug fueled and it was incredibly irresponsible of me. I guess I should be grateful I did not contract HIV, but it's also a bummer I caught one of the incurables. I was seen last Wednesday and had that spot checked which the MA determined was likely an abscess and also got a full round of test on all the standard STDs like gono, clam, syph, HIV, and HSV. So after having a couple panic attacks during the week at what I possibly could have and calming myself with the idea that I probably have nothing I finally went into the clinic this morning assuming I am just gonna go in and get the great news that I am all negative on my results and close this horrible chapter of my life for good and throw away the key. Unfortunately that is not how it panned out. I got the result that I was clear on everything except HSV-2. I had an IgG index value of 10 which I think is pretty conclusive that I am HSV-2 positive from reading about false positives and what not. She is very certain that what I had in my upper pubic area was an abscess which has since cleared up. If that is true it would mean I have had no symptoms as far as I can tell (though there has been some itching which I optimistically attribute to poor hygiene and it has stopped itching since I have been scrubbing down there much more thoroughly). The furthest back that I could have contracted it was about 1 1/2 years ago. I am wondering how long the virus would need to remain in the body in order to attain an index value of 10. Anyways I am just informing myself about the full implications of the virus, what precautions I need to take in the bedroom as well as precautions around close loved ones like my dad and stepmom, and crossing my fingers that I'll be one of the lucky non OB people. I am happy that I found this community of people today as it has made me feel much better just reading about other people going through the same mental trials as me and still others providing reassurance that everything is going to be fine. Life goes on and tomorrow is a new day. I'll post more later. If any of you have any thoughts to share I would love it. Thanks for reading.


  • You really don't need to take special precautions with anyone you're not engaging in sex with. There is a small theoretical possibility of transmitting via wet towels but I don't believe that's actually ever happened. I could be wrong about the towels though, I too am pretty new at this.
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    That is good to know. My stepmom has designated me my own dishes and what not cause she is so freaked. Won't even hold my hand during dinner prayers at the table haha.
  • I'm glad you're feeling optimistic! I discovered my status in a similar fashion. I was being thorough in search of peace of mind and instead got a surprise HSV2 diagnosis. At the time I tested, I must have been carrying it for somewhere between 1.5 and 32 years. Just never realized it.

    I'm sorry about how your stepmother is treating you. Assuming she is middle aged, this is a virus carried by a large percentage of her friends. She may even have it herself. Rates are high among both single and married middle aged women. And as Username said, there is no need for precautions in this case anyway since you are not in a sexual relationship.
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    Hey fellow optimist! I'm feeling surprisingly good today in light of the diagnosis.
    Just working on my studies, listening to a Stephen King audio book, and scoping out new horror movies to watch.

    That is a big relief that I can interact with others normally and that I really only have to take precautions when it comes to sex. Thank you both for pointing that out. I should point that little tidbit of info out to my stepmom so she will chill out.

    When I say 1 1/2 years ago I am leaving out the time with my first SO who was a virgin when we first met. I was also a virgin at that time so I think it is safe to assume at that point in life neither of us had HSV-2. If I include that relationship it I could have contracted it between 6 years ago to 6 months ago.

    Although getting the result yesterday was kind of traumatizing I have already compartmentalized those thoughts. I think staying informed about this virus while not obsessing over it is the best course of action for me.

    Have a great day.

  • welcome aboard dude, your a pirate now! hahaha....joking, i got my first outbreak 2 months ago outa the blue and was totally freaking out, dick looking like a corn cob, went to the lab and got tested and my IGg said i had the virus for a long time to... started reading shit on google and just got me more worried and eventually found this blog...thought me a lot about the virus and made me realize is not that of a big deal. yesterday i went to a good dermatologist and she told me a lot of people have the virus and will die of old age without knowing it, she also told me that Americans and Brits are the only ones that make a big deal about the virus, when the reality is just getting cold soars on your dick...she told me its not necessary to do do the suppressive therapy... only a good acyclovir treatment after outbreaks to keep the virus dormant. hopefully the ob dosn´t com back...anyways. good that your keeping a positive attitude, id lie if i told you im positive all the time, still get a little down, specially because i got an outbreak and every time i shake my dick after i take a piss and see the marks im remind about it.
  • @outbreak_surfers Regarding your dermatologist's comments, I live in the U.S. where studies indicate roughly 40% of autopsies reveal HSV2 infection, and as your doctor said, only a small percentage of these people were aware they were infected. The stigma is so unfortunate.
  • @outbreak_surfers Thanks man! I love to surf as well. I grew up on Maui and got to experience some beautiful waves. Nice to know there is a fellow water man on the forums. Thanks for the encouraging info about the prevalence of virus and the fact that the physical symptoms are not so bad and that the stigma of having it at least in the states is as great if not a greater contributor to the psychological stress one experiences. I kind of wish I never found out, but I think it is a good thing that I did so that I can take the necessary steps to not infect anyone else. Peace brother.
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    Was feeling pretty low this morning. Got up like at 4 am thinking about life in general. Shed a few tears later on, but I felt a lot better afterward. Have a great day y'all.

    @outbreak_surfers I feel you on feeling low even if you want to appear positive as much as possible. I'm glad I found this resource where I can talk to people such as yourself who know where I am coming from and likewise encourage you through tough moments. Peace dude. That's an epic profile pic btw.
  • Yea bro, is good to cry sometimes... I held it quiet for like a week, heart cold as ice , till my mom ask me what was wrong with me, she could tell... them I just started to cry like a baby and had to tell her about it, i was so embarrassed to break her heart but she was very cool about it and supportive. There's not a lot of dudes that comment on this group, so it's good to support each other... I feel like dating wise, with hérpes, the girls have it easier, because guys usualy make the first move and can hold up a little before disclosing covering up as they are prudes. as a dude, if you heasitate or don't attack quick you just get friendzoned or portray as insecure, I used to be a dirty dog and had my fair share of chicks all around the world (i guess if you charge barrels sooner or latter you Gona hit the reef)... I guess now I have to change my game plan... haven't hook up with anyone in 2 months and it hurts my ego, despite waking everyday with a boner I eel like I lost my mojo, the one that I had build up high After breaking up with my ex,, before it I wouldn't pass even 2 weeks without a shagg... I'm nervous about disclosing but I'm so willing for it to happend regarding of the outcome... need to keep living, working and chasing the dream. I'm just Gona play it casual and sell my disease the best way I can. Maybe I'll train me good and I'll become a real state broker after a while, haha, if I can sell hérpes to a chick, I could sell a 4 millón dollar house... do you live in a big city, it should be easy to find other chicks with h and get back in the game, Or more options of chicks willing to try. I live in a beach town in Mexico, it's not very big, so It's a little more harder and I don't wanna give herps to no chick...Have you surf Honolua bay? Heard that wave is insane... always wanted to go surf Hawaii, but got lucky last year with a job and ended up in Tahiti.... surfed teahupoo and other reef passes. Any job options after graduating? As an electrical engineer I suggest you go on boats and yachts, its good money, you can do it around the world and it will keep you surfing some good spots... if you ever in Mexico hit me up, I'll give you some good spots.
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    @LongLife88, feel free to share this link with your stepmom:

    It’s a short handbook written by a nurse practitioner who not only studies and researches herpes, but she ran her own STD clinic for over 30 years so she has more clinical experience than most doctors. She’s also the herpes expert for WebMD and she has a full book which is easy to read if you (or her) want more information. Facts about transmission start on page 16 of the handbook.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about the separate dishes!
  • @outbreak_surfers Totally dude. I am happy I was able to unload the news to my dad and stepmom almost immediately after finding out. They have been really helpful and supportive (even though my stepmom treated me like the plague incarnate initially lol). She has chilled out and has even been reading that Terri Warren book. I think if I had tried to keep it in it would have torn me apart. I am really at peace at the moment. I was just accepted into this meetup.com group of H+ people in Southern California and it just struck me that were people from every race and background on there. There were a ton of beautiful girls who were members too so I was stoked lol. I'm not too bad looking either so I think I'm good to go haha.

    I hear you on the girl scene. I have never really been a player though and I usually have to develop a friendly relationship with a girl before I decide I want to get down to business with her. I think it is out of shyness that I could never seal the deal in an evening with a lady I just met. Although my year stint of one night stands would be the exception to the rule. I totally dirty dogged it and I cringe knowing one of those peeps gave me the gift.

    I am not nervous about disclosing and I am ready to get rejected even if it hurts. I don't care. I know the girl that would love me despite being H+ is a keeper anyway and I think I would cherish a girl like that till the day I die. Don't mind some casual encounters with people who are cool with it either haha. I definitely want them to be tested as well though. Contracting this has definitely put the fear of STDs in me and I don't ever want to catch something else. Not even HSV-1 (though that may be inevitable). I would love to meet someone else who is HSV-2 positive as well. I think there would be an immediate sympathy for each other knowing we both have this and it would be really easy to segue into a serious relationship assuming we like each other in other ways as well. We wouldn't have to worry about infecting each other either.

    Yeah I live in southern orange county and there are a ton of beautiful chicks. What is it like living in Cabo San Lucas? Have you always lived there? You sound well traveled. Where have you been? I honestly haven't really traveled anywhere outside the US except for Mexico. Dude...I wanna surf Tahiti so bad. What countries have you surfed in? Honolua Bay was like my home spot. I feel like it was so magical to grow up and surf that place everyday. It's like theres Jimi Hendrix lore behind it too. It's pretty psychedelic just being apart of that whole scene and the beauty of the location mixed with the characters and laid back beach vibe is just so unique. I have had so many dream sessions out there with perfect turquoise barrels and vivid colors of the sun, ocean, reef, and cliffs with cacti. Just epic sessions at all sizes. It's not hard to just live there your whole life and just work a waiter gig and surf Honolua Bay haha. I used to dance at Luau in the evenings and surf before work. It was the good life for sure.

    That sounds really interesting working as an engineer on a ship and traveling around the world. I gotta to look into that.

    Man I would love to get together if we are ever in the same area and chill and surf. Peace brother.
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    @HikingGirl Thank you for this link! It is really informative and easy to read as well.
    My stepmom really took to it. The separate dishes was a little disheartening but pretty funny in retrospect. Thanks again.
  • living in cabo is weird bro, its not exiting at all, i was born and raised here, and for some reason i leave and always end comming back, i just work when im here and then go to travel after... now im kinda stuck here running a boat, but definitely is boring to me, it feels like I've seen it all in this town, plus waves aren't that great besides a couple hurricane swells and you got to be super on them. the fishing is good, i cant complain about that... i been to a lot of countries, surfed peru, ecuador, colombia caribbean, panama, nicaragua(really good surf), indonesia, then got a job in new zealand on a boat and we took it to tahiti, and because we had 2 month on/ 1 month off rotation i got to spend 2 separate months there on south swell season, is my favorite place in the world and i would love to go there, the people is so kind, lots of mana in those islands...and lots of good waves...pristine barrels ...hopefully i can keep doing it for a long time...looks like i will because im not getting no chicks pregnant any time soon lol, as a matter fact i havent met anyone with h yet... its too of a small town and people dont talk about it. God i miss hooking up with a girl and having fun, i cant even recognize my outbreaks yet, such a kook on H still, guess im just gonna put my head down and make money till the summer then split for a surf trip, i need some time for myself, its so hard to try to act normal on social situations now, nobody knows what im going trough, so i prefer to be somewhere far where no one knows me and relaxed. but ill get to do that again, i have faith... thats cool you live in oc, i did a sophmore year in laguna high school when i was 15, got adopted for a year by a wealthy family and took me up there to learned my english, lots of beautiful girls...miss it, session at thalia street and gina pizza after....good times. good luck on life man, hope all works good for ya and find a special lady that wants to be with you, you deserve it...btw my name is Pablo.
  • how did you know i live in cabo? i dont think i ever mention it... good guess.
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