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Newly Diagnosed & Need Suggestions

Hey Friends!
I'd really love any and all advice because I am new here. I am on another support group and have received a lot of advice from there but hoping for more support and hopefully relief for my current issue.

So I started having symptoms on Sunday Dec 10th, on Tuesday the 12th I saw a Doctor and it was visually confirmed as genital herpes. I believe this was from receiving oral from my partner. Just awaiting results from the swab.

Anyways, I am a week in and I'm rather surprised at how well I am dealing with the news & how the symptoms are really not as severe as I was expecting. The first couple of days were rough. Now I have weird feelings just in general (headaches, tired, nausea, tingling in legs) which I assume is my body trying to adjust or fight off the virus. Normal but not severe stuff. I mean definitely uncomfortable but I can tolerate!

My biggest pain at the moment is an external hemorrhoid (TMI). At least I'm 99% sure that's what it is. I've had them before, only curious if anyone has had an OB that resembles a hemorrhoid. Because of the HSV (I'm assuming) I haven't gone regularly the past week and I believe that's what has caused this problem.

Hoping somebody else has experienced this and can offer some suggestions. I've tried all sorts of stuff and having no relief.

I am currently on Acyclovir, a well as taking L-Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin C, and sometimes B Complex. I also soak in the warm bath everyday with epsom salt & have added fiber powder daily.

Not sure what more to do other than baby with first OB until I'm sure it's gone & keep myself as healthy as I can from here on out.


  • Hax had the same feeling in my legs that got out if control.. come to find out I had A double William Chlamydia (went back for a fully test) and hsv2 (that i had known about for. A week) from my partner. I don't kniw much about e.h. I had them bad after having a kido... I would call ur o.b. happy ur not having. Lot if trouble with this. U will feel better before u know it
  • I don't have an o.b right now or insurance. I had symptoms and went to planned parenthood. They did test me for Chlamydia & gonorrhea because they said those are common now. That's when they swabbed for H.
    She told me it was HSV by visual examination & im waiting for the results of everything. I expected a call by now but haven't received one. I'll be calling tomorrow if I don't hear from them. She did say I had BV though. So at this point idk why is causing what symptoms. I'm just taking my meds and seeing how this progresses for now.

    Thanks for the response!! The feeling in my legs has been minor I'd say.
  • Sorry on taking so long to get back to you. Hope u have found out what is going on.. of course u can always pm me if need I've managed to Karen how to live with it.. had a o.b. the other week and it wasn't any thing crazy.. kept hands clean. Tea tree oil and peroxide helped everything in my low area was going in a few days this really isn't all that bad after the first round of it. Never thought I would say that.
  • Miralax. Get some. I too have struggled with a hemorrhoid since have my second child and anytime things get irritated down there miralax helps a ton!! I'll add too, that my hemorrhoid has caused more discomfort than my initial outbreak.
  • Thank y'all for the suggestions!!
    Everything has been resolved. I'm a month out from my initial OB & diagnoss. I've heard another period & did not have an OB with it so that was reassuring. That was a worry of mine. I'm on suppressive therapy now.
    I've had a few twinges or tingles down there the past couple of days but no sores, lesions or blisters.
    Feeling hopeful!

    Oh & the test results for everything else came back negative. Positive for GHSV2 but did not receive any lab values.
  • I am currently going through an out break that is similar to hemorrhoids.
    At first, I thought it might be cancerous polyps, because of family medical history. But, when a blister showed up in a visible spot, I was sure it's herpes.
    Never had any sexual contact that would cause it, just seems to be where the virus decided to migrate this time.
    I had some discomfort and blood, it got more painful for about a week and is healing now.

    It's totally lame, but it hasn't stopped me from going to work or parties and stuff, so I'm not upset about it.
  • Well it's great that it hasn't stopped you!! I'm back to my same ol stuff as well. Aside from the fact that this had made me focus more on my goals. (Which I should've been focused on to begin with)

    I feel that the people that struggle the most are the ones that think about it or worry about t constantly
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