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positive guide to herpes disclosure


Best place to buy affordable Valtrex for the uninsured?

So, I'm losing my insurance and I'm going to go from paying $5 a month to $191 a month
(Which I can't afford) unless I find a discount place to buy valacyclovir. Please help since I
tried going without it and I can't. :(


  • Bumping this. Is there a more affordable way to get hold Valtrex?
  • JeffH Member
    Are you sure valcyclovir isn't available near you? It's a pretty standard drug.
  • I usually fill at Target and it's $5 copay. Without insurance it will be $191 they said. They also said they could Match competitor online coupons and I found one for Kroger for $21. Which is
    Better than nothing. But I will have to go in and show the coupon each time to get the discount.
    But yeah I was shocked as this is the generic form of valtrex and it's still outrageous. I wish I could find an affordable online pharmacy that's legit.
  • Have you priced out acyclovir and famvir? It's worth checking to see if they might have a cheaper cash price than valycyclovir.
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