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positive guide to herpes disclosure


Telling Former Partner

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV 1 about three months ago. I am a college student and was diagnosed after losing my virginity. I have had oral sex with two people, including the boy I lost my virginity to. I called the one I had been seeing to let him know that I had symptoms for herpes and that I was getting tested. He had recently been tested for STDs and said he was clear, but I know that most STD full panels do not suggest herpes testing. When I told him that I had symptoms, his only response was "Well I'm sorry if I was the one who gave it to you" and proceeded along as if it was no big deal. We are no longer in contact due to other issues; however, should I contact him again to tell him my results are indeed positive? At the time, I told him that the doctor had diagnosed me right there but just wanted to get a culture for confirmation purposes.


  • I personally think you've done your part. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
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