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positive guide to herpes disclosure


Is this thing even an OB??!?!??!!?!?

I've had what I thought was an outbreak for almost two weeks now. It's just a single red bump, raised slightly and sensitive to the touch. I immediately doubled up suppressive therapy dose and took l-lysine daily, but it's had no effect? The size went down at first but then kind of went back up? There's a tiny dent in the center of the bump??

Is this an outbreak? It doesn't look like any pictures I've come across in my google frenzy, but I read that outbreaks can be atypical. Do any of you experience atypical lesions and how do you know what if is for sure?


  • I've had HSV1 genitally for over ten years now and I honestly don't remember the last time I had an outbreak- but no, my obs don't look/feel like what you're describing. It sounds like what you're describing is an ingrown hair.
  • JeffH Member
    This sounds a lot like molluscum contagiosum, a completely harmless skin condition.
  • Normally the sore would open up and eventually bleed. I think if it's been a couple weeks and that hasn't happened, you're most likely safe. If you want relief and you're not sure, have your doctor look at it.
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