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positive guide to herpes disclosure


Need help from ladies - dealing with outbreaks and periods at the same time?

My first OB is nearly over. I dealt with a yeast infection and uti all at the same time. Now I'm almost healed up and all the emotional and pjysical stress seems to have led me to starting my period. Fml right there.
Do you have tips and advice for dealing with that? I'm not really sure what safest method is right now, because obviously I want to avoid more infections.


  • As someone who is no stranger to yeast infections and had a whopper of a UTI last year, my heart goes out to you! You've been through a rough few weeks! Herpes aside, are yeast infections and UTIs a recurring problem for you? Also, what you were referring to regarding the safest method?
  • Not a lady but I think you can find the answers your looking for at this link http://supporttruthanddialog.com/
  • Rpaul Member
    It has been very rough.
    I've had a couple UTIs in the past, including a really bad one last year that turned into a kidney infection. And I've had a couple year infections over the years, bit I don't think I'd call either of them recurring. They don't happen that often.
    By safe I mean pads vs tampons. I can't decide which will be better to avoid further infections
  • I would say tampons because you're supposed to keep the area as dry as possible.
  • For what it's worth, I once had a healthcare provider tell me that tampons were really irritating to the vagina and made yeast infections more likely for me. I never could get the hang of a reusable cup to catch menstrual fluid, but before my ablation last year I used Instead Softcups. I loved those things!
  • I used tampons. I acutally found it more convenient...perfect excuse to avoid sex right
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