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Sweating and herpes?

JudithJudith Member
edited February 2013 in Herpes question(s)
Hi guys ,

since over a year I have Herpes Genitales 1 and i am one of the lucky girls who get monthly outbreak ,even if i am eating very healthy and I try to think positiv (at least in the last couple of months....before i was a mess) , probably this is because i have crohn disease. So yesterday ,after over 1 year I decided to go back to my gym to bring my body back in good shape.I started only with one and half hour kardio training , i was sweating a bit but not to much.So this morning i waked up and i had this typically itchy burning feeling on the site of my leg and i checked now and i already can see some red spots on the site of my butt(never had an outbrreak at this area??? ).....so here we go again,welcome to another herpes outbreak :(( this is usually not the time i am getting an outbreak so i guess, i got one because i was sweating to much in the gym.
Could somebody tell me if you have the same issue when you do some sport, is the body get used to it after while or do people who get outbreaks from sweating have it all they lives.(should i cancel the gym directly, no need to waste money)

I start to accept that i cant have a boyfriend because i have monthly outbreaks and will be alone for the rest of my live, i can accept that i can´t eat tones of chocolate, i can accept not to party anymore but i cant accept that i will be not able to do some sport or go for hiking,do activities which let me feel healthy and good ...there is nothing left in my live what could chear me up...i tell myself every day that the virus shouldnt control my live but herpes teached me better today ...this stupid virus take my live over.(sorry i am bit depessed today)
Could you tell me whats your experience with sweating and herpes does it got at ny point better??????
Have a good day guys.



  • Cedar1122Cedar1122 Member
    edited February 2013

    It breaks my heart to hear you say that you accept the fact that you can't have a boyfriend and do the regular things that you used to do in life. I Know for a fact that herpes doesn't mean you can't have a boyfriend ever again. You are 100% lovable- herpes or no herpes. I've had it for 10 months now and I find that I basically have monthly outbreaks. The outbreaks usually don't last long, and they're not so painful, but it can be disheartening at times to get outbreaks. Often when I get them though, I just start right up on taking Acyclovir, it goes away quickly, and I don't really think about it.

    When it comes to dating- have you ever tried using positive singles? I used this website when I was first diagnosed. It was a great support system, and it helped show me that I wasn't the only one with herpes looking for love. I've made some really great friendships and have had some healing conversations. A herpes dating website is one way to go; but meeting someone special and having the disclosure talk is always an option. Please don't shut people out because of herpes. It's not fair to you or other people who want to get to know you *heart*

    Have you tried using meds on a regular basis to decrease your # of outbreaks? I wonder if that would help. Also- are you sure that it was the sweat that made you break out? I wonder if it was coming on anyway. I'm no expert, but I really doubt that every time you sweat it would trigger an outbreak. Are you new to having herpes? Because if that's the case- then your body is still getting used to the virus and it'll be triggered the most right now, and then less as your body gets used to it.

    I understand the frustration and bad days that come with herpes. I experience them too, although it's gotten much better. But what I want to say is "Don't make a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life."

    Big hug,
  • Hi Katie,

    thanks for your message.Yes i know that i have herpes for sure and i am sure that i have an outbreak at the moment.Even if have only really small outbreaks i can distiguish if its a spot or an outbreak .Over the last 15month i got an expert in listen to my body.I have an itchy ,burning feeling at moment and this meens always herpes:( This is not the time i am usually getting outbreaks ,i always get signs before and i get them 3-4day before my period or in between.So i am really sure it comes from sweating....in the past i went every weekend hiking but if i go now and the sun is quit strong in the spanish Montains( live in Barcelona)then i always get this itchy feeling ,so i only go every 2 -3 month now.
    I dont take antivirales at the moment but i have since one month valtex in my house but i am to scared to take them .Valtex is no harm for normal person but i took in the last 10 year strong medication for my crohn disease and i dont wanne damage my lever more then it is already.I eat every day with coconut oil and i accupunctre my self, (even in the genital area :(
    Well here in spain we have the positiv website too but there are only 100 people registrated and they not even live close to me .
    Anyway if i have 1 outbreak per month there is no possibilty to have an boyfriend.this would always meen that i would infect somebody for sure.If you have outbreak you need to wait at least 2-3 weeks before you can have sex again and no guy ever would go for it , so no need to go on dates at all.
    Well will see whats future brings but my body know herpes now long time ,so i dont think it will produce more antibodies....so i will need to live with it.
    Anyway katie thanks for your message....i feel already bit better today.
    Gracias Judith
  • JudithJudith Member
    edited February 2013
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