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Herpes Support Group Listings and Reminders

I know @Adrial has a blog page with support group info but there's always new groups cropping up and we have people looking for groups here all the time... so if you happen to know of a group/meeting/how to find groups in your area, please list it here :)

Starting it off with this one from another discussion and Adrial's blog page link:



Portland Area HELP Group (support group meeting)
First Friday of every month
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Good Samaritan Hospital in NW Portland, 1040 NW 22nd Portland Oregon

Meets on the first Friday of each month at Good Samaritan Hospital in NW Portland.

For more info, please email portlandareahelp@aol.com
We will be in the Good Samaritan Medical Building 2 in the 2nd floor conference room, just off the elevator. 1040 NW 22nd, attached to parking garage #2


  • the meetup group in the tampa area is beginning to have @ every 3 weeks an emotional support meeting on top of the more social stuff. we will be having our second next week.
  • Can you add the contact info to your post @seeker?
  • well its somewhat convoluted.
    this is the website you contact thru. there is a process as its anonymous on meetup. there is a tampa and an Orlando group together. the Orlando one has 1x a month support meetings and the tampa one has restarted one at roughly 3 week intervals. meeting in st pete for the time being. plus there are lots of social gatherings from dinner to music, etc.
  • Thanks - this is the problem that many of the "Support Groups" are anonymous/hidden ... understandably ... but that contradicts what they are trying to do ... get rid of the pain and stigma :/
  • Can you find any support groups in Sacramento California? @wcsdancer2010
  • Here is a link to a list of support groups http://herpeslife.com/herpes-support-groups/. Googleing Herpes Support Sacramento may turn one up. If one is not available in Sacramento check to see if one is within a 2 or 3 hour drive of Sacramento. I used to attend the now defunct group in Kansas City years ago. It was not unusaul for some people to make a 2 or 3 hour drive to attend a meeting. It may take some planning a month or two in advance.
  • This is all I have in my various resources for California. Contact all of them - you never know which one may know one of the secret Meet-up or FB groups:

    Los Angeles HELP
    Culver City, CA
    (310) 845-6656
    E-mail: info@lahelp.org
    Web: www.lahelp.org

    Orange County HELP
    Orange, CA
    (310) 845-6656

    San Francisco HELP
    San Francisco, CA
    (650) 704-4021
    E-mail: HELP_SF@yahoo.com

    Bay Area Friends
    San Francisco, CA
  • Where are my H+Peeps at in south west Florida!? Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater/Orlando
    I didn't find a support group off the support info page for this area and was hoping, maybe we could start our own and pave the way! Somewhere fun to meet over drinks could be fun and if you're under age, no worries! You can still join us and be our DDs!! Haha... I kid! I kid!!! Maybe? Lol.... Give me a holla! 33yr old female, H+ for 9 months.
  • @2Legit2Quit - look up at @seeker 's answers - he has a link through that he says is a bit convoluted but there ARE meetings in Tampa.....
  • Are there any support groups in ATL?

  • Are there any support groups in Australia? x
  • Hey Danaaaa ... :)

    Look at the bottom of this page for information on Sydney's herpes support group:
  • Is there any support groups in the southern illinois/ missouri area?
  • Try the Chicago group ... they may know of other groups near you


    Chicago HELP
    Chicago, IL
    (312) 810-8132
    E-mail: info@chicagohelp.org
    Web: www.chicagohelp.org

  • Does anyone know of a group in KS? Wichita or even KC area?
  • @GiGi

    Right now I don't have anything for KS ... I would contact your local Planned Parenthood and see if they know of anything ...
  • Thank you. It's too bad there isn't one. There just isn't a lot out there in this area. I've thought about starting my own. Lol
  • are there any support groups in jacksonville or tallahassee
  • Not that I can easily find, but call your local Planned Parenthood ... they often run groups there ... ;)
  • Any groups in SC?
  • Here ya go @voodoochild227


    Columbia HELP
    P.O. Box 210472 Columbia, SC 29221-0472
    (803) 781-5280
    E-mail: info@columbiahelp.com

    Low Country HELP
    c/o Planned Parenthood of South Carolina
    3901A Main Street, Hilton Head, SC 29926
    (803) 341-5070

    Tri County HELP
    P.O. Box 1997, Mt. Pleasant SC 29465
    (803) 884-7333

    Carolina H Club – Yahoo Group (for both North and South Carolina)

    Upstate SC and Western NC H Group – Yahoo Group
  • @worried:

    Just found this:


    Central Florida HELP
    Orlando, FL
    (407) 263-5347

    Jacksonville Area HELP
    C/O Planned Parenthood of N.E. FL Inc
    3850 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 399-2800
    E-mail: jacksonvillehelp@yahoo.com

    Tampa Bay & Clearwater HELP
    P.O. Box 5872, Tampa, FL 33675-5872
    (813) 677-1633

    Broward and Palm Beach HELP
    E-mail: helpinsfl@yahoo.com

    Florida H Club – Yahoo Group

    Tampa Bay H Club – Yahoo Group

    Orlando H20 Group – independent social & support group

    Sarasota-Bradenton H Club – Yahoo Group

    Southeast Florida H-Social Club – Yahoo Group

    Jax 437737 – Yahoo Group (for Jacksonville)
  • @WCSDancer2010 thank you. I appreciate all your help!!
  • Thanks @WCSDancer2010, for everything!
  • I can't find any for the Pittsburgh, pa area :(
  • Any in New Jersey?
  • @Kbutterfly

    Northern New Jersey HELP
    P.O. Box 41, Manville, NJ 08835
    (908) 707-4651

    Central New Jersey HELP
    P.O. Box 1633, Toms River, NJ 08753
    (732) 270 4680
    E-mail: CNJ_HELP@yahoo.com

    South Jersey HELP
    Information Line Only – No Meetings Scheduled
    (609) 748-2518
    E-mail: hcir@netzero.com

    H20 New Jersey – Yahoo Group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/h2onewjersey/info

    H Friends of South Jersey – Meetup group
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