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Inspirational/Motivational Videos

We often have videos posted on here that Teach, Move, and Inspire me (and I believe, all of you).... so I thought I'd start a post where we could have them all in one place for you to find when you need a little lift, or a reminder.

IF POSSIBLE, please post a YOUTUBE version .... that one embeds here and can be viewed right here ... the others usually just end up as a link and will be harder for people to identify/find later when they are looking for a specific one. Thanks :)

Starting this off with Rion Paige ... a beautiful young lady who has not let her "Handicap" stop her. She could have easily bought into the "stigma" associated with having a handicap that left her hands/arms deformed ... she could easily have believed that she had to rely on others, and that noone would take her seriously as she pursued her passion. She didn't. What a beautiful young soul.



  • This is Ash Beckhams Ted Talk that I point people to a lot. We all have a Closet that we are hiding in. (Yes - YOU too .. and it's not just Herpes!)

  • Kirsty Spraggon: You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets

    Living with a secret .... and thus with the SHAME of that secret ... will only cause you far more pain and sadness than you have already.

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    And talking about Shame:

    Brene Brown talking about Shame: The Swampland of the soul.

    If you put shame in a petri dish it needs 3 things to grow exponentially - secrecy, silence, and judgement. If you put the same amount of shame into a petri dish and douse it with empathy, it can't survive.

  • And another by Brene Brown on Vulnerability .. (which preceded the Shame talk)

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    Sean Stephenson Prison Ted Talk

    "Never Believe a Prediction That Doesn't Empower You"

  • Herpes Facts Video (for ease of finding)

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    Nick Vujicic

    Two of many snippets of his talks/stories .... this one rings for me with Herpes.

    Just replace "They" with "He/She" and this is probably at least half of the conversations we have on here.

    If THEY don't like you, who will?
    If THEY don't accept you, who will?
    And the fear that we have is that we are going to be alone.
    And that we are not "good" enough....

    Nick couldn't change his circumstance (just as we can't change our circumstance) ... but he did the work to get beyond his handicap and has found love and one hell of a life purpose.

    Nick found love AND has a beautiful baby now and she is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

  • My latest love: Prince Ea. What a beautiful soul. Eveyone needs to follow him on Youtube :)

  • Change your words, change your world:

  • Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity

  • love the Nick Vujicic story :)what a smart guy
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    Like that link of Nick Vujicic , he is smart., I think this one is a video from the same guy you posted a video off...people should connect in a different way...its great to meet on that website but its great to talk personally.... I hate if people look at they phones and talk to me on the same site...unrespect full.even its not a Motivational Videos, its a video to be human, to be connected
  • Yes... this is the direct youtube link... Prince Ea is my favorite Modern day thinker

  • thanks, was not sure how I can post a video directly.
  • I just went to Youtube , looked up Prince Ea and found his video and posted the link ;)
  • You say you can't find love with Herpes? This girl could have believed she couldn't dance with only one leg

  • He IS rather delicious, isn't he ;)

    Love his ... eyes :D
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    its just a great video I found today about a inspiring girl with Multiple sclerosis who keeps up running and don't give up her dreams . This website is for me not just about H , its a website of connection, education and acceptance what we can go through , have nothing to do if we deserve or not , it can just happen. We still great person whatever disease we have. She suffering of a autoimmune sickness like me , which means our body fight against us., I went today to gym too and felt quit bad after 50 minutes but it doesn't matter because we keep up running and try to make the best of our live,maybe she do even more then me......she is really inspiring ,to get MS in that young age have to be hard.....keep on running Kayla. I send you some love and light.

  • Amazing young lady. She could have just as easily given up .... instead she digs in and gives it her all.
  • Yep she did and she make my day ....amazing girl she is
  • I always say Herpes can be your Wingman ...

    Prince Ea's video helps us understand that what you "consume" from the people around you affects you.... so let herpes help you to remove those people from your inner circle who are not good for YOU. Why surround yourself with people who would gossip about you if they found out your status? Or people who would be nasty towards you to your face? I've never understood why some really, really GOOD people allow that kind of person into their life :p

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    wow what a inspiring lady
  • "This journey is one of passing through exactly where you have been struggling not to go."

  • eeek, just saw it was already posted by Dancer! I won't delete though, for those who have yet to watch. Face your fears, take risks, be you!!
  • Can't get enough of Prince Ea ... <3 him!!!
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    Disclosure is just another word for "coming out" ... in this video, we get to see that we are far from alone in the fear, pain, and discomfort that comes with any kind of "Disclosure"...

    Thanks @JessikaRabbit for this :)

    Twins Come Out To Dad:

  • How do you post links and videos to the forum? I freely admit to being a dumbass about such things.
  • Generally when you put a youtube video link in, it automatically embeds but for some reason (it may be because I'm on a tablet right now) it won't give me the full link so it's not embedding. Usually I just copy paste the link ... the only ones that will embed are from youtube ... the rest you just have to give the link and people have to go to the site ...
  • Thanks. I probably should have known that. The last time I had any formal computer class I was using an Apple IIe...currently found at the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian, just down the hall from the pet T-Rex I owned at the time.
  • Adding another that @PositivelyBeautiful just posted ... because I like having one place to find all these great videos that people post!

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