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positive guide to herpes disclosure


"My Revealing Interview" (for men)

adrialadrial Administrator
edited September 2014 in General herpes discussion

A vulnerable, candid, revealing and informative interview that includes:

• A quick rundown of the basic facts about herpes (and why they’re so important)
• A personal story: What happened to me after my diagnosis when I called my mom
• What can have herpes feel like such a dead end (and how it can actually be just the opposite)
• How “The Herpes Talk” can actually make you and that special someone even closer together (instead of pushing them away).

Enjoy and please share your thoughts!


  • Yo!
    I f*ckin love U!
    Brass balls my friend, brass balls. So insightful. You broke it down to REALITY. Casey Capshaw just kept saying, "ahem... ahem... ahem". THAT is what I call some serious skoolin, kid!

    This is terrible. I'm so in love with you now. lol. You suck.

    Funny, how this skin condition has transformed us (many of us at least) into steel-spined individuals.

    I wish for you much fortune and happiness, Adrial.

    "Challenge into a Gift"
  • That was an awesome interview Adrial! I wish everyone could hear it and learn from it.
  • Really awesome interview @Adrial (Mr. H Opp). Made my night to listen.
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