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Does anyone else have lymph nodes in the groin area that swell up because of herpes?

LiveNLearnLiveNLearn Member
edited November 2012 in Herpes question(s)
I have noticed that since being diagnosed with hsv2 in June of this year, the lymph nodes in my groin area are always a bit swollen. Just enough for me to notice them. I don't have pain with them, and none of them swell up too large...just enough to freak me out.

I've gone to my primary doc and she ran some blood work and even ordered a pelvic ultrasound to try and see if something else was causing them to be swollen. Everything came back normal. I have to link them beginning to puff up was after I was diagnosed. They also seem to get a little more aggravated when I am experiencing an outbreak.

Any thoughts or experiences would be so appreciated.


  • Sure have... I was told that lymph nodes swelling is a sign that your body is attacking a virus- the ones in the neck for a virus above the belt, and the groin ones for below. So they should swell right before you experience an outbreak and stay swollen until a little after. I think mine were pretty tender during the outbreak and it took a few weeks for the swelling to go down.
  • Me too...they are fighting infection :-)
  • For me, since being diagnosed, they have not returned to normal size. That's five months of little bumps on both sides. I think it is just crazy that you can find way more information than anyone in their right mind needs to find on the internet, but you can't find any medical link to swollen lymph nodes coming along with hsv. Yes, you can find loads about swollen nodes or glands that happen during your initial outbreak, but not much mention about subsequent outbreaks. So, thank you fellow peeps, in shedding a bit more light on this subject. It is always good to feel like you are not alone, or out of your cotton-picking mind! ;))
  • hey,

    thanks for posting. adrial pointed me in this direction because this has been a majorly annoying issue for me. i had my initial genital hsv-1 infection about 10 weeks ago. nothing too serious, but the lymph nodes on the right side of groin swelled up. not exactly painful, but definitely an annoying pressure or heaviness. fortunately, i have not had a subsequent outbreak, but the lymph node pressure comes and goes with quite a bit of frequency. mostly it's just annoying physically, but causes me quite a bit of mental stress. it's hard for me not to focus on herpes all day when my groin feels swollen. like you, my doctors are sort of stumped. this also adds to my frustration and the feeling of, "when will this ever go away?"

    just know that you're not alone on this one.

    head up.
  • Awww! Im sorry. Im going on 10 months being diagnosed and it wasnt until a month ago that I had noticeable lymph swelling. Of course it was right where the elastic of my underwear laid, so I was constantly reminded of the swelling. I think I also may have had one in my neck as well.
    I did notice more frequent swelling and shooting pains after I slacked on exercising and taking my one-a-day vitamin. I also noticed it was only on one side, the same side as where my occurrences pop up. After a 2 days of taking acyclovir the swelling went down and I actually realized that I was worn down, tired all the time and all around just feeling crappy for the duration of lymph swelling (a few weeks) -- a symptom that never happened for more than a day.
    Unfortunately every one has a different immune system so meds or exercise may not work for all hsv sufferers. I wish you good luck!
  • Of course, I am a "googler"...when something is wrong with me I run to the Google page and then convince myself that I am terminally ill, and will surely die by next week. Thank you for calming some of my uneasiness about my nodes constantly swelling up. As I said, nothing too large or too painful for me, and though it seems like some of us have swelling only with OB's, mine truly have not gone away since my initial diagnosis. I am also one of the people who do not take the antiviral due to how my body responds and reacts to it. I felt so badly on it that I choose not to use it at all. So, I have not tested that theory that the antiviral makes it go away. I can say that my life has been super stressful since my initial diagnosis...and not just due to the hsv diagnosis itself, but to many other matters in my life. So, I suppose only time will tell how long I will have swollen lymph nodes, and what, if anything, makes them go down or go away. Thank you again for all of your posts and for giving me a place to open up and spit things out. Carrying that heavy weight of hsv inside of you is so trying...in so many ways. I am incredibly thankful for this site, and for all of my new friends!
  • I have the same problem and was wondering if yours ever went away becuz my have been swollen for the past 4-5 from herpes
  • It definitely will get better with time. My ex husband used to get swollen lymph glands and he had a really bad to start with. Sometimes it would be worse than others in his subsequent out breaks but nowadays he tells me that he really doesn't get any kind of swelling at all. So it will get better just give it time. :)
  • ann122 Member
    mine are constantly swollen. I had one outbreak last march and havent had one since and they are CONSTANTLY swollen. It sucks I feel like im constantly expecting an outbreak...and they never go down. I want it to stop its so uncomfortable sometimes. I guess its better than an outbreak but it makes me feel like a contagious leper all the time.
  • HBased Member
    How long have you had herpes?

    My lymph glands were swollen (to some degree) and reacted very strongly pre&post-OB for the first year I had herpes - it drove me crazy and definitely bummed me out. Now I'm on year 7 and even with my [usually annual] OB I don't have nearly the same symptoms as I did initially.
  • edited January 4
    I also had that problem, only on the left side of my groin though and it went away after treatment. I'm currently experiencing my second ob and haven't had any lymph node swelling so maybe it was just a one time thing for me.
  • I have swollen lymph nodes even when I don't have a outbreak and I'm not sure if it's because of another STD/cancer or if it's normal for them to always be swollen when you have herpes.. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out
  • LiveNLearnLiveNLearn Member
    edited January 5
    Update on my lymph nodes in the groin area. I have had hsv for over two years. The first, I'd say, 1.5 years, I noticed my nodes would swell with hsv activity. Prodromes, and also with ob's. Now, after the 2 year mark, I do not notice them anymore. It bothered me a great deal at first. It's like your body goes into "red alert" mode, and everything becomes hypersensitive and aware that something is going on. So, mine have eased with time.
  • @andrewh

    If you read through this post, you will see that many people have swollen lymph nodes for awhile ... and that it generally clears over time. If it goes on for any length of time and you are concerned, you may want to get it checked out but I would not panic just yet.... swollen lymph nodes are common when the body is fighting a virus or disease... so just take it as a sign that your body is doing it's job :)
  • Sil88Sil88 Member
    Mine aren't swollen as far as I can tell, but my armpits ache/are a bit painful most of the time. Can anyone relate to that?
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