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my one night wonder

A vent as well as success... sorry its so long

Its the long weekend, sunday night a girlfriend and i decided to go to a club, our mission : to get white girl wasted!
And we succeeded! I felt amazing, the alcohol took hold of my fear and i didnt think about H the entire evening!
Next thing i know this super cute guy starts dancing with me.. (me? ... why not me!) So the drunken adventure began..
he and his friend suggested to my friend and i to join them at their campsite, ditch the club, and be renecks again, roast some dogs over a fire.
The first thing i blurted out.. "im not going to sleep with you tonight!"
The cute guy laughed and said "thats fine, we're having a bonfire, not an orgy.."
So the 4 of us left, giggling the entire time.

Next thing i know this guy and i r making out, we end up in his trailer.
i repeat myself, "we're not having sex..." he replies with.. "i know, cant i just kiss a beautiful woman?"
After an hour of kissing, he carreses me, my thighs, my stomach, my breasts..
then he asked "i know u dont want to have sex, may i ask why? Is it the one night stand u r worried about? Or am i just not attractive enough?"
I stoped his hand. I couldnt stand the thought of his guy thinking HE wasnt attractive..
"No no no, your sexy as hell! Its just... well... i may or may not have herpes symplex 2 and if i do, i dont want to pass it to u with a one night stand.."
He giggled... like actually giggled at me.
"Seriously babe, is that what you're worried about? Its fine! My dad's a dr, and im in school to become one myself! I know lots about."
Me : "oh!?... well. Did you know that i could still pass it to u even if we use a condom?"
Him : "ya.... whats yout point babe? I think youre beautiful, dont let what you may or may not have change your mind on sex, if you dont want to its fine, but im willing to take the risk!
We didnt end up having sex that night...
no instead i went home with my friend via taxi..

He asked me to join him and his friends last night, their last night in town , he kissed me hello,
We all had drinks again together...
lights out...
and bam, we had sex.

I dont usually do one nighters, i mean i have in the past, but thru all this h buisiness i honestly want a relationship.. i miss it, the comfort of knowing ur man (or woman) is there for ya after a long day at work.
A part of me knows i only did it because he made me feel sexy, and didnt care about h.
another part of me feels kinda stupid because... it was a one time thing.
Either way, it happend, and i geuss i wanted to share this with everyone to show and prove it can happen, love after h, or just casual sex...

I know i sound a lil trashy, i feel a lil trashy to be honest, but i mean ... hey if i can do a one night wonder with a stranger, maybe that relationship idea isnt so far fetched...



  • @willow

    Well, my one and only concern would be that I really really hope you used a condom and that it stayed on!!! Otherwise, whatever it takes for you to get your sexy back is a good thing...LOL

    You are not alone in needing a "one nighter" to show you that H isn't a big deal to many people ... (you should go back and see ThisisGoingToBeOK's posts - she couldn't believe she would ever find love until she had a one night stand, and that cracked open her defenses enough to allow a man to enter her life ;) )

    And I have to say, I'm a little jealous. Looks like my most recent exploration into a relationship was derailed by some info I just discovered about him .... so I guess my FC2 condoms are going to have to wait a bit longer to get tried out :p

  • WOOHOOO! Sorry... but thats awesome. And I bet it made you feel pretty good. I know I would...
  • Sorry to hear that Dancer!
  • Willow and her boyfriend, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

    Couldn't resist. Congratulations. There's a time and place for one nighters, and it sounds like you've had yours. Most of us have, so there's no shame. As long as you brought a Trojan to bed with you, you're good to go.
  • U guys r toooo funny! Thanks for laughs, and yes a condom was used.. you shoulda seen this guys face tho.. "wait.. what? Lemme get this straight.. you're celiac, may or may not have herpes... AND we cant use my condoms, we have to use urs cuz allergic to latex too!.. jeeze glad i live in a different province!"
    Made me chuckle...
  • And dancer... dont be too jealous.. we were drunk, so it was just plain old blury sex, nothing intresting cuz we obviously didnt take the time to see what the other person liked in bed.. haha
  • Right now even blurry drunk sex isn't looking too bad ... sober sex with Roger Rabbit is getting old ... (did I just type that out loud??? ...LOL)
  • This story is amazing!!!
  • Ahahahaha! Love this!
  • I love this story, Willow! Inspiration for what is possible...
  • I love this thread. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Willow - I know this is an old post but what a fun, sexy story!! I hope you are doing well!!
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